Antimicrobial Floor Coating

For many of our industrial and commercial painting clients, antimicrobial floor coatings are a necessary feature of their business. From restaurant kitchens to laboratory testing rooms, all kinds of facilities need quality floor coatings that will resist the growth of bacteria and fungi. That’s why we at Manhattan Epoxy Co devote special attention to antimicrobial and other specialized floor coatings.


For a floor coating to effectively resist bacterial and fungal growth, it needs to be non-porous and seamless. Epoxy or urethane-based antimicrobial coatings are exactly that. A proper antimicrobial floor coating will resist and defend against undesirable organisms by removing a safe place for gestation. Our type of coating has biostatic effects built into the material, which helps to kill fungi, such as mold, mildew, yeast, algae, and bacteria. Because these antimicrobial properties are designed to be slow-releasing, they will continue to kill microorganisms for the life of the flooring product.

If you work in any industry where cleanliness is key – such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and food and beverage – you need to have a floor that exhibits these properties. Our coating survives numerous decontamination treatments, sanitization treatments, and repeated washings. Harmful microbes have no place to thrive in your place of business… and our flooring will help you accomplish that goal.

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