Antimicrobial Flooring Systems:

An Effective Method to Benefit your Business

Antimicrobial epoxy flooring has many benefits for a broad range of businesses across a variety of industries. Epoxy has been providing strength and durability to floors the world over for a number of years, and any reputable antimicrobial flooring company will be able to install it. Our epoxy flooring is naturally antimicrobial, impacting the growth of microorganisms and providing long term protection from a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, yeast, actinomycetes and mildew. 

Bacteria and other microbes exist in almost every environment on our planet. As notorious hitchhikers, these microorganisms find a way to be carried into your facility by staff, patients, buyers, customers, suppliers, and your general inventory. Even the weather can help these microbes gain entry to your facility, blown in through a crack or dripped in by the rain. Contamination can occur from outside or from room to room in your facility… it can even be carried by insects that crawl in through cracks and crevices.

No amount of cleaning can guarantee that your facility will be microbe free. Floors have the highest exposure to microorganisms, and using our antimicrobial epoxy flooring means that you can have ease of mind that you have the best protection possible.

Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Across medical settings hygiene is of primary importance. From hospitals to your local dentist office epoxy flooring can bring great benefit to your business for both staff and patients. In hospitals, where the medical fragility of patients facing life and death situations is common, hygiene takes on an importance to a different level. Epoxy flooring brings a confidence that only a naturally antimicrobial surface can; an important protection from germ- and odor-causing microorganisms.

Suitable not only for the intensive care units and surgical suites, but also across the range of medical service facilities where people and their health are being treated. Pediatrician’s offices, dental clinics, gynecologist’s practices, infectious disease specialists, to name just a few, are all types of healthcare businesses that can benefit from using antimicrobial flooring. 

Not only is our epoxy flooring naturally antimicrobial, but it is easy to clean and esthetically pleasing. Our floors have attractive finishes varying from matte to gloss and semi-gloss that means they can easily be added to the choices that top designers use for their professional medical clients providing extra protection and peace of mind their customers require.

Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions for the Food Industry

What restaurant wouldn’t like to brag that their floors are so clean you could eat their food from them? Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and improves the functionality and appearance of any space.

For restaurants, this means that in both the areas where food is being prepared and food is being eaten epoxy flooring is well suited. High traffic and heat in kitchens are notorious, particularly during the peak rush at dinner and lunch. Food can easily be spilled during peak times, and the slip resistant finish of epoxy flooring reduces accidents and enhances the safety of the work environment. The floors are low maintenance and easy to clean at the end of a long dinner service. 

Our antimicrobial floors are also ideal for the manufacturing side of the food industry like commercial kitchens which produce food for our nation. The impact resistant and chemical resistant quality of the floors lend themselves well to these large industrial food complexes.  For example, in the meat production and packing industry, the easy cleaning and disinfecting of our epoxy floors make the whole food chain more hygienic and productive.  

Concrete and tile floors were traditionally used in these industries, but both these materials are porous and can easily be cracked and chipped, thereby creating space for moisture retention. These tiny crevices previously created in older floors are an ideal breeding ground for a number of microbes including bacteria, fungi, molds and spores. Our epoxy coating can prevent these types of situations from occurring.

With the increase in demand for a cleaner and safer food processing environment, there is an inherent need for antimicrobial flooring protection. Our epoxy flooring systems combat potential health risks and inhibit microbial growth in the immediate time after installation and well into the future.

Antimicrobial Flooring Solutions for Manufacturing

In the world of manufacturing antimicrobial epoxy flooring systems provide an added layer of protection and bring customers peace of mind they have chosen a flooring that will provide great value for money. In production facilities, a thick coating of epoxy provides a slip resistant, chemical resistant, fire resistant, and impact resistant flooring unparalleled by other types of flooring.

Combine these properties with the attractive and easy to clean finish that is environmentally friendly, more and more manufacturing businesses are choosing epoxy flooring. In more sensitive areas like pharmaceutical manufacturing, the insect protection and water and moisture protection are highly valued. The seamless, and odorless flooring adheres to many surfaces and can withstand years of heavy foot traffic and extreme temperatures.

Antimicrobial Floors for Kitchens (Industrial/Commercial)

There might be no better place for an antimicrobial flooring system than a commercial or industrial kitchen. Food prep areas must be free of anything that can harbor bacteria, so they must be a seamless surface that is free from divots, pores, and small cracks. Epoxy flooring provides a seamless surface, and there are no cracks or spaces in the corners where the wall meets the floor for bacteria to breed. 

Thousands of commercial kitchens around the world use epoxy flooring systems to ensure the safety of their workers and the health of their patrons. Epoxy is a seamless, non-porous, nearly indestructible material that can handle thermal shock, harsh chemical solvents and cleaners, hot oil, freezing cold equipment, and scuffs from dropped pans, commercial cooking devices, and much, much more. Epoxy is  a non-skid surface when you combine it with additives and epoxy flake, which will make sure that no slip-and-falls will hurt your workers or your business.

Antimicrobial Flooring Company

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