Commercial Kitchen Floors

Commercial Kitchen Floors are beautiful, durable, skid-resistant, and easy-to-clean. It’s the solution that restaurant managers dream of. Most coverings and treatments for retail concrete floors, however, require burdensome maintenance like buffing, waxing, and shampooing. These less-than-ideal flooring options can result in customer inconvenience, expensive downtime, and overall higher life cycle cost.

The alternative? Our hard-working, decorative epoxy coatings for kitchen applications require no special treatment once installed.All you need to keep them clean is a broom, a mop, and a bucket!

Customizable Commercial Kitchen Floors

These aesthetically pleasing, industrial-strength commercial kitchen floors are available in a wide selection of colors and blends. We even offer custom solutions to make your restaurant space’s concrete floors truly one-of-a-kind. You can utilize special concrete coating designs, shapes, and textures to encourage traffic patterns, delineate departments, or even present your company logo under easy-to-clean clear epoxy coatings.

Long-term Protection for Commercial Kitchen Floors

All Commercial Kitchen Floors areas have two things in common: Plenty of foot traffic and the need to keep floors pristine. Without the right durable, aesthetically-pleasing coatings protecting your concrete slab, your floors can wear down, detract from visitor experience, and can force expensive and time-consuming repairs and replacement.

Why Choose Us

Our high-performance systems for retail concrete floors are formulated to withstand the ongoing wear from heavy traffic and daily cleaning. We even offer fast turnaround and low-odor options, making it easier to seamlessly integrate and maintain new flooring without seriously interrupting your day-to-day schedule and operations. No matter how busy your office, shopping center, and retail or grocery store is, our collection of beautifully durable, slip-resistant coatings keep your facility looking its best for longer.

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