One of the hottest trends in the concrete coatings industry is metallic epoxy. Retails stores, showrooms, car dealerships, and offices love them. They look beautiful, differentiate your brand and last for multiple decades.

Metallic Epoxy Floors have existed for quite some time, but until a few years ago, there were only a few manufacturers really promoting this type of epoxy, and even fewer installers using it. A metallic epoxy floor is a 100% solids and two-part epoxy that is mixed with reflective pigments or mica flakes. Multiple colors can be mixed into each floor to create a unique floor that no one else will have. As the epoxy cures out, the aggregates suspended in the epoxy move or flow creating looks never before possible with epoxy flooring. An artistic installer can utilize multiple colors and techniques to generate even more results which allow the customer to completely customize their floor.

Epoxy metallic flakes, colored chips, colored flakes, and whatever else they are called, are color explosions that will certainly turn a dull floor into an interesting and appealing one.

Metallic color flakes are thin flakes (about 4 mm thick) which are a mixture of metallic resins and acrylic. They are available in various colors – single or in a combination of blended colors. Custom blends are also available to suit different preferences. Shapes are irregular and are often in 1-inch diameters. Some are 1/32 inch. For garages, flakes are commonly used.

When choosing a metallic epoxy floor, the color of the base floor should always be considered. The metallic epoxy flakes should match the base floor color. However, if the entire floor is to be covered with epoxy flakes, there is no need for the base floor and the epoxy flakes to match. Floors can also have, light, medium and heavy epoxy flake coverage.

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