We are not just experts in natural stone and tile. At Manhattan Epoxy Co, we can also help you change the look of your concrete floors as well! We can grind your floor to remove unsightly trowel marks or to expose the granite pebbles and rocks just beneath the surface. Polished Concrete will last years versus a topically coated floor.

If you own a home or a commercial, retail, or industrial property with polished concrete floors, you’re probably very familiar with the time and effort that goes into maintenance: coating, stripping, recoating, stripping again… and so on.

Unlike concrete covered with waxes or coatings that become scratched and trap dirt, our Polished Concrete processes give your concrete a natural long-lasting polish. By getting rid of the coatings once and for all, your concrete will no longer peel or flake and will be much easier to maintain. With our Polished Concrete services, you can do away with the stripping and waxing altogether and save yourself a lot of time, effort, and money.

If your concrete has become dingy, scratched, stained, or just dirty looking, we can help.

Our Services Facility

Honed Concrete Finish (satin/matte)
Polished Concrete Finish (glossy/glass-like)
Refinishing Concrete (restoring existing finish or changing the finish)
Concrete Crack Repair
Concrete Chip Repair
Concrete Sealing
Concrete Enhancing
Concrete Stain Removal

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