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What Makes Us The Best Epoxy Flooring Company In New York?

Manhattan Epoxy Co is a Premier Epoxy Floor Coating Installation Contractor in the Greater New York City Area.

Manhattan Epoxy Co is a division of Southside Concrete Polishing which has been doing flooring on industrial grade surfaces for over 30 years in the New York City Area. We do epoxy floors, metallic, quartz and flake epoxy systems as well as self leveling concrete, polished concrete, stained concrete and pretty much any concrete resurfacing you can imagine. Our epoxy floor applications will satisfy your projects needs. Our reputation is based around our commitment to quality and we intend to keep that as there are floors in Manhattan.

Epoxy flooring has gained popularity all throughout New York City as a durable flooring solution. The reason is because many floors in Manhattan have been around for 100 years. During that time, carpets, glue tiles and many other floors have been put down over the concrete. Our system will allow you to have a new floor without having to get a new space. We grind and seal the floor and will lay down epoxy that will allow you to forget whatever floor came first.

Manhattan Epoxy Co Is the Number One Trusted Resource For Epoxy Floor Coating Installations in NYC

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How Does Epoxy Flooring Work?

Epoxy floor installation needs a dry, smooth concrete surface. Our Epoxy Flooring Specialists start by filling any cracks and seams in your existing concrete floor. The concrete will be ground down until smooth. All gas and oil stains will be treated then we apply the epoxy coating sand decorative chip flakes for texture, grip, and anti-slip characteristics. After the coating is dried. (usually one day) we then put down a polyurethane clear coat for a smooth and glossy finish.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Fast Installation – when you have a professional epoxy floor contractor install it will be fast and high-quality work.

Safer/Anti-Slip – when safety is a concern of what better option than having a non-slip floor.

Affordable – Compared to other flooring options, Epoxy flooring New York City is a no brainer.

Easy Maintenance -With a simple clean on occasion epoxy flooring is very easy to take care of and will last for many decades.

Creative and Beautiful Designs- Virtually any design, color, or shine you can think of we can make any workplace beautiful

Durable – Remains looking good much longer than any other flooring and can stand up to the everyday abuses of high traffic areas.

  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Restrooms
  • Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Restaurants
  • Residential
  • General Commercial
  • Basements
  • and More

Want to Turn that ugly and Boring slab of concrete into a work of art that you and your friends will envy? Looking to upgrade that old cracked basement with a more appealing look? In the past, interior concrete flooring was often covered with carpet, wood or vinyl. Now a Popular inexpensive alternative to that ugly concrete is to make the surface decorative and functional. The most common concrete floor coatings include Epoxy, paint, and stain. Manhattan Epoxy Co. can turn any concrete slab into a stunning masterpiece. Basic Concrete is boring and ugly so let us change it with a more aesthetic appearance. Decorative Concrete can be stained, colored, stamped and more…The options are endless. Manhattan Epoxy Company is the leading decorative concrete contractor for your commercial and industrial needs. If you have concrete with cracks and gouges we can fix it! Instead of having your old concrete torn out and replaced we can resurface it with our decorative concrete flooring system. Let us make it beautiful with our decorative concrete epoxy.

Epoxy Overlay

A thin Epoxy overlay “fills” the cracks in a slab of concrete. The two-coat system consists of a very thin layer of epoxy and aggregate. Polymer Epoxy overlays also known as epoxy coatings, have been around for decades. This is a great option to extend the durability of your floor and it also helps with moisture mitigation. This flooring system will extend the lifetime of your floors.

Polished Concrete

We love polishing concrete. We use wet and also dry concrete grinding systems so we can handle floors that are up many stories. Our dust vacuums will handle all of the excess dust. We can create a durable easy to clean, low maintenance and rustic looking floor for you. This is our specialty.

Self-Leveling Epoxy

Manhattan Epoxy Co specializes in self-leveling floors.If you are looking to create an attractive smoot hseamless surface then you should try out our Self-leveling epoxy. It can be used over tile, brokenconcrete and can be used over wood. Its a great option for restaurants, offices, factories andmore.Self-leveling epoxy flooring refers to a certaintype of epoxy that can actually level itself. When the epoxy spreads out it fills in cracks and self levels your existing floor leaving you with asmooth level floor. The process is fast and easyand will leave your floor looking great in minimaltime.Self-leveling flooring can benefit virtually anyindustry that contains concrete floors. A range ofbusinesses from retail stores to warehouse usesSelf-leveling epoxy. Call us now and we will send aqualified epoxy flooring contractor to your doorfor an estimate.

If you to change that plain boring concrete slabwhy not stain it into something more decorative with a wide variety of colors and patterns. There are two types of concrete stains. Acid Stain – First off acid-based stains used to bethe way to go to get that look that was wanted by consumers, however now water-based stains are up topar with the acid stain. This type of stain is a chemical reaction with the metallic salts in thestain and hydrated lime in the concrete.Translucent patterns along with varying colors. Notwo are the same.Water-based Stain – This type of stain is for those who are looking for a more consistent color andpattern. Due to the nonreactive stain, it dries asit was applied. Also, it comes in a wider array ofcolors and finishes. Water-based stains give youmany options you can add images, graphics, letters,and patterns. The possibilities are endless.

Types of Epoxy

Solid-Based Epoxy – the strongest type of epoxyavailable today, but more expensive. Used mainly incommercial areas such as warehouses with heavy machinery such as forklifts that are used daily.

Solvent-Based Epoxy – Most useful and practicalfor residential and commercial epoxy flooring. Itcan be used where heavy machinery is used orsomewhere with very high foot traffic.

Water-Based Epoxy – Most affordable andeconomical. Used mainly for residential garages oroffices with high foot and vehicle traffic.

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