Staten Island Polished Concrete Services

Every homeowner dreams of one day having elegant stone floors, marble, or other upgraded glossy surfaces for luxurious living spaces. And while that may stay out of your budget, you can enjoy affordable alternatives with Staten Island polished concrete services.

Creating your long-lasting smooth, mirror-like floors from your cement foundation slab requires tons of experience, skill, and industrial-grade installation equipment. However, in the right hands, these gorgeous flooring options look great for a lifetime, and any rooms perform better with:

  • Stain Resistant Surfaces
  • Durable Scratch-Resistant Floors
  • Hypoallergenic Flooring
  • Straightforward Cleaning & Upkeep
  • Green Building Materials
  • And more daily flooring solutions.

And when you need a local concrete polishing company you can depend on, hire the team at Manhattan Epoxy Co. As the trusted provider for complete Staten Island polished concrete services, we create better designs that last at lower costs.

No matter what features you need most, or which customizable options you prefer, we remain your best polished concrete contractor.

How Do You Make Polished Concrete?

As the name suggests, we create polished concrete flooring by cleaning, preparing, and sanding down your exposed cement foundation slab. By utilizing abrasive pads tipped with industrial diamonds, we can etch away the rough, gray top layer into shimmering floors.

Whether you enjoy the unique look of stone aggregates or prefer stains and coloration dyes, we install more flooring systems. Best of all, most cleaning gets completed with a dry dust mop, leaving them looking beautiful for years after installation.

Staten Island Polished Concrete Services & More

Many people find themselves surprised at how many different ways we can set their cement surfaces apart from other surfaces. Whether you want one unified design throughout the home or specific patterns in every room, you have many options available.

And these versatile flooring systems can get used in industrial settings, commercial retail centers, residential homes, and other facilities types. From improved sanitation conditions for medical buildings to allergy-free flooring for your house, we complete them all at lower costs.

No matter which type of cement floors you want to see, our team gets the most out of every project. Contact us today to schedule your installation contractors, and experience the difference that polished concrete makes for your building with:

  • Acid Stain Concrete
  • Aggregate Finish
  • Commercial Concrete Polishing
  • Concrete Inlays
  • Concrete Overlays
  • Decorative Concrete
  • High Surface Finish
  • Light-Sand Finish
  • Low-Gloss Floors
  • Medium-Gloss Surfaces
  • Retail Polished Concrete
  • Salt & Pepper Finish
  • Stained Concrete
  • And more Staten Island polished concrete services.

No one else offers as many design options at affordable daily pricing like our installation contractors do for more residents. Give your home, commercial space, or industrial buildings the improvements they deserve with elegant designs for your polished concrete floors.

Acid Stain Concrete

This unique coloration product not only seeps into the surface pores through chemical bonds to the limestone for permanent designs.

Aggregate Finish

By exposing the stone aggregates from the cement, no two floors look quite the same without introducing stains and dyes.

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Commercial concrete polishing creates durable floors that still look great. And they hold up to forklifts, feet, and other traffic.

Concrete Inlays

Decorative inlays transform gray cement into one-of-a-kind surfaces featuring a variety of additives. Choose from applied metals, stones, and more.

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays achieve a mimicked appearance of faux natural stones, cobblestones, bricks, and other building materials for an affordable alternative.

Decorative Concrete

Decorative concrete services can get performed inside for flooring, or outdoors for elegant walkways, lovely driveways, and enhanced patio areas.

High Surface Finish

When you combine a glistening high surface finish with seamless floors, it makes any interior area appear larger and brighter.

Light-Sand Finish

By exposing a tiny amount of stone aggregate, you can achieve creamier, rich floors that still offer all the benefits.

Low-Gloss Floors

Low-gloss cement surfaces play well with many decor options and design aesthetics, as well as preventing too bright of reflection.

Medium-Gloss Surfaces

Medium-gloss floors introduce translucent swirls for dreamy, elegant surfaces that look at home in any residence, business, or other facilities.

Retail Polished Concrete

Whether you want to see your corporate colors and logos or save on flooring, we can assist you the best.

Salt & Pepper Finish

Salt and pepper cement floors expose some of the stone aggregates, creating a speckled effect that adds lots of personality.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete flooring systems achieve a broad range of personalized designs with fade-resistant dyes, creating dozens of different floor options.

The Best Staten Island Polished Concrete Services Near Me

Our team continues to provide the best in Staten Island polished concrete services. Hire us at Manhattan Epoxy Co for superior floors.

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