If you have ever desired a shiny, clean, and attractive surface for your flooring at an industrial facility, parking garage, or commercial property, our epoxy floor coating service is the answer for you! Our fully licensed and insured Manhattan epoxy floor coating contractors are equipped with cutting-edge epoxy floor coating technology that will turn virtually any flooring into a desirable, easy-clean surface. We offer a giant selection of top-of-the-line coating products, available in a full spectrum of beautiful colors and textures.

Our coatings are also available in matte, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes to further suit your design taste. Our Epoxy floor contractors will ensure a smooth application of our epoxy floor coating by applying a thorough pressure wash to your venue to remove any impurities, rust, old paint, and dirt, which will prevent any scratches, blotches, and air bubbles. Our services are available 7 days a week, and serve regions including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and many other neighboring cities.

Smooth, Long-Lasting, and Safe

With the advancements of epoxy resin technology, innovative design options have been introduced into the floor coating industry. The durability that epoxy offers, coupled with decorative flakes and a non-slip clear coat, will create an amazing, long-lasting epoxy floor coating.

Endless Options

An epoxy floor coating can greatly improve the functionality and appearance of any space. From residential garages, auto dealerships, auto repair shops, patios, pet areas, machine shop floors, to medical offices, research labs, and airplane hangars, our epoxy flooring jobs can be seen in a wide variety of industries. Choose from a plethora of color options to make your floor unique.

Quality Craftsmanship at an Affordable Price

We use industrial, commercial-grade products that are meticulously applied by our trained and professional installers. All of our work comes with a peel-free warranty.

Why Should You Install Epoxy Flooring in New York?

Epoxy is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices in flooring? period. While it was originally meant for heavy industrial areas due to its extreme strength and durability, epoxy has since found a home in numerous residential, industrial, and commercial applications. Here are just a few reasons why epoxy is quickly becoming #1:

  • Epoxy is hygienic. Since it is naturally anti-microbial, epoxy is used in many industries where hygiene is a top priority (such as hospitals, commercial kitchens, and public health facilities). It also protects against moisture damage.
  • Epoxy is slip-resistant and chemical resistant. This makes it a great choice for floors that experience frequent chemical, oil, or food and beverage spills. This is why epoxy has found a home in kitchens, machine shops, automobile stores, and restaurants.
  • Epoxy is decorative. We can customize your floor from low- to high-gloss, which can increase the brightness of an area by up to 300%.
  • Epoxy is low maintenance. Due to its seamless surface, spills and other contaminants are easily wiped off the surface. No more vacuuming carpets. No need for numerous repairs and maintenance calls.
  • Epoxy is fire-resistant. Epoxy won?t peel, chip, or crack due to its formidable adhesive properties. Our flooring systems also won?t shrink or flex due to changes in the area?s temperature or humidity.
  • Epoxy is impact-resistant. Its ideal for high foot traffic areas and places that make use of heavy machinery.

Perhaps the only downside is the installation time. Once it is installed, it will take about 12 hours to cure (or dry). After that – depending on what color and design options you have chosen – your floor will be ready for anything!

What is Self-Leveling Epoxy?

Self-leveling is a great option for owners who want to repair their old, cracked, and damaged concrete floors. We apply amp epoxy floor coating over the old concrete to create a smooth, durable, seamless, and beautiful surface. Self-leveling epoxy flooring in New York transforms old floors into attractive, functional, and lasting surfaces.

When you need a high degree of ?curb appeal?, self-leveling epoxy is ideal. From gym floors and aircraft hangers, to hospitals and showrooms, everyone is beginning to realize just how versatile epoxy flooring systems are.

Epoxy?s seamless surface is ideal for heavy machinery such as forklifts, trucks, and other vehicles that handle a heavy load while moving on a steady basis. Its seamless surface does not allow moisture or bacteria to enter the floor, as it is non-porous. Its finished appearance is also very aesthetically pleasing; epoxy makes the space brighter, look larger, and substantially more attractive. If you are ready for a new epoxy floor, get a free quote today!

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