Brooklyn Epoxy Flooring Contractors

When the time comes to install new floors, you may feel overwhelmed by the different options, pricing, and possible design choices. One way to keep your upgrades simple is to hire the best Brooklyn epoxy flooring company for long-lasting results.

Resin flooring systems have been used in countless applications to create unique, yet durable surfaces that perform well for many years. With their straightforward maintenance requirements, you can look forward to hassle-free floors in virtually any interior room or facility.?

When you hire the team behind Manhattan Epoxy Co, it means spending less on superior Brooklyn epoxy flooring service contractors. We continue to produce the best local resin floors and more! By working with us, you’ll enjoy the best in:

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Brighter Interiors
  • Straightforward Upkeep
  • Impact, Stain, & Heat Resistance
  • Customizable Designs
  • Durable Surfaces
  • And more.

Whether you have kids playing at home with pets or need safer floor systems at the office, the best bet is to choose our installers. We guarantee the best selection of Brooklyn epoxy flooring solutions to help keep your building at its best while looking great.

What is an Epoxy Floor?

Creating an entire flooring system from a resin-based product takes time and skill to finish correctly, which requires work from our expert contractors. While we may make the process look easy, it takes a lot of background knowledge to ensure that they will last.

Once the site gets prepared, cleaned, and any blemishes get filled in, we then distribute the epoxy product to surfaces. Because we apply a primer layer, it creates a better bond over other inferior products or Do It Yourself kits.

Finally, once the epoxy cures, it creates a dense, durable system that withstands daily foot traffic, spills, scratches, and more. And when it does show signs of aging, you can have our team return for straightforward maintenance and upkeep services.

Brooklyn Epoxy Flooring Services

Although epoxy flooring is a relatively simple product, it has tons of uses, installation techniques, and other customizable design features. Whether you want a bright and shiny kitchen floor or a matte, or a protective surface in your garage, choose our contractors.

As the trusted name in complete epoxy flooring services, you can count on us for any applications that you need. Contact us today to save more on stunning new floors that last, and experience the best installations possible for your:

  • Matte Finish
  • Semi-Gloss Floors
  • Gloss Epoxy Flooring
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors
  • Solids-Based Epoxy
  • Solvent-Based Epoxy Flooring
  • Water-Based Epoxy Floors
  • Residential Epoxy Flooring
  • Commercial Epoxy Floors
  • Epoxy Flake
  • Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors
  • And more Brooklyn epoxy flooring.

From messy eaters and stains to creating a safer and more productive commercial facility, epoxy floors cover all your bases. Protect your home, retail center, or other building without taking away from its appearance with durable and beautiful epoxy flooring.

Matte Finish

While matte finish epoxy floors still look striking, they tone down the amount of reflectiveness for comfortable screen viewing needs. If you’re looking for a non-gloss finish for your floors, a matte finish is the way to go. Matte sits at around 25% luster.

Semi-Gloss Floors

An added touch of brightness helps to enhance lighter colors, as well as a straightforward way to reflect ambient lighting. This is a happy medium between matte and full-gloss flooring, with about a 55% luster rating.

Gloss Epoxy Flooring

The higher the gloss, the brighter your interior spaces become. Enjoy smooth, glass-like finishes that continue adding more room lighting. This is around 70% luster, which is commonly found in bowling alleys and gym floors. These floors tend to require the most cleaning, as opposed to matte and semi-gloss.

Self-Leveling Epoxy Floors

Self-leveling epoxy finds the lowest points in the resin and builds them up to create smooth, even finishes for floors. This is a great option for repairing floors without tearing them out.

Solids-Based Epoxy

The fewer additives found in a specific type of epoxy, the less the surfaces evaporate. More solids means fewer VOCs. This epoxy is very basic, as it only has a simple resin coupled with hardener. No solvents or water are added. This is the option to choose for the strongest and thickest floor coating.

Solvent-Based Epoxy Flooring

Solvent-based epoxy floors contain additives, which must get accounted for in the end. Otherwise, you could see evaporated, thinner surfaces. Solvent-based epoxy is often viewed as the best all-around flooring applications and is used in many environments such as machine shops and garages.

Water-Based Epoxy Floors

Water-based epoxy offers our installers a longer time to apply it before it hardens completely. This is suitable for light-office work and laboratory applications, as there is a low chance for VOCs and contaminants. There are no fumes as non-toxic water is used.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

More homeowners every day continue to ditch their traditional flooring materials, like carpet, tile, and wood, for gorgeous, long-lasting epoxy. Epoxy is used on patio decks, garages, basements, driveways, wood, concrete repair, and more!

Commercial Epoxy Floors

Epoxy flooring in your commercial spaces proves durable enough for foot traffic and machinery without sacrificing your facilities? interior appearances. By installing epoxy flooring for your business, you’ll rest easy knowing that your floors are working as hard as you.

Epoxy Flake?

Flakes of acrylic paint or metallic chips can also get added to your epoxy floor, making it even more unique. You can readily see this type of application in residential and commercial units (especially garages!). If you’re looking to add even more character to your floor, make sure to throw in some epoxy flakes!

Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors

For living spaces and facilities with slip and fall concerns, we can add improved safety features by applying quartz sand, as well as decorative quartz to add style to functionality.

Best Brooklyn Epoxy Flooring Contractors Near Me

Some epoxy flooring systems produce harmful fumes during installation, while others require more skill to build them the right way. Before you make a mess out of trying to install your new floors, choose our contractors for affordable home upgrades.

From enhanced interior living spaces to more functional and lovely commercial systems, we can create any new systems you need. For the best results possible at affordable daily costs, hire us at Manhattan Epoxy Co for your longer-lasting epoxy floors.

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