Brooklyn Polished Concrete Services

Some flooring materials can’t withstand the daily traffic and stains they take every day, wearing out sooner than you anticipated. One way to maintain durable, beautiful floors for your home or retail space is by hiring Brooklyn polished concrete services.

Polished concrete floors have existed for years but only recently experienced a boost in popularity for homeowners. Choosing the right polished concrete contractor for your residential home or commercial building proves the ideal solution with:

  • Long-Lasting, Vibrant Floors
  • Sun-Resistant Stains
  • Smooth, Mirror-Like Finishes
  • Custom Colors & Patterns
  • Durable Materials
  • Stain, Impact, & Heat Resistance
  • And more daily benefits.

And when you choose Manhattan Epoxy Co, it means hiring the trusted concrete polishing company throughout Brooklyn, NYC, and beyond. We provide a wide variety of installation techniques, colors, patterns, gloss levels, and more options at lower costs.

Whatever it takes to create your best interior floors or outdoor decorative surfaces, you can count on us each time. See why we remain the Brooklyn polished concrete services homeowners, business owners, and other facilities trust the most.

What are Polished Concrete Floors?

By preparing, cleaning, and sanding down your existing cement foundation slab, we can convert your old cement into elegant indoor flooring systems. More than the cold, dull gray surfaces you likely think of, we can create artistic designs and vibrant patterns to bring new life to your structure.

Your floors are made up of many things: the final sheen, various patterns and textures, and other options for wholly unique surfaces inside your buildings. Whether you operate a retail space, commercial office building, or intend to upgrade your residence, we can help you with whatever flooring option you desire.

The secret to these flooring systems is increasingly finer grits of sanding pads, with each one tipped in industrial diamond studs. Once we smooth out the floor, we can finish the job with customizable colors, stains, and more.

Best of all, once we complete your new flooring installation, the surface will retain its gorgeous shine and coloration for years. And with their straightforward maintenance and upkeep requirements, you can enjoy elegant floors without the hassle or added upkeep costs.

Brooklyn Polished Concrete Services & More

Since the primary component when installing your new floors remains the concrete foundation slab, it must be done with precision. When you hire inexperienced contractors or attempt a Do It Yourself job, it puts you and your home at risk.

Not all homes are suitable for cement polishing surfaces; however, after we inspect your floors, we’ll be able to provide you with the next best solution if this is not the case. We work with our clients to produce a unique and affordable flooring solution that provides safety, style, and functionality.

Whatever designs, colors, textures, and other options you prefer to see, our team knows how to complete any customized creations. Contact our installation team today to discuss your upgraded flooring needs, and save more on our best polishing solutions for:

  • Acid Stain Concrete
  • Aggregate Finish
  • Commercial Concrete Polishing
  • Concrete Inlays
  • Concrete Overlays
  • Decorative Concrete
  • High Surface Finish
  • Light-Sand Finish
  • Low-Gloss Floors
  • Medium-Gloss Surfaces
  • Retail Polished Concrete
  • Salt & Pepper Finish
  • Stained Concrete
  • And more Brooklyn polished concrete services.

Acid Stain Concrete

Acid staining your concrete floors creates permanent coloration through a chemical bonding process. Once it touches limestone, our stains won’t fade. Acid stains give new life to plain looking surfaces, leaving your floor with a unique and beautiful decorative finish.

Aggregate Finish

By exposing a small amount of the cement?s aggregate, you enjoy a modern, yet subdued set of new interior floors. This is a very popular choice when choosing a decorative concrete surface finish.

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Commercial buildings, storage spaces, and industrial settings need floors that stay durable, safe, and lovely. When your commercial floor is starting to show signs of wear-and-tear, choose Manhattan Epoxy Co. for better installations.

Concrete Inlays

Using inlays allows us to transform your dull, gray cement with metals, decorative stones, wood panels, and other unique options. If you want to add some personality to an already-functional surface, we can help you design your new floor!

Concrete Overlays

When the existing cement has structural concerns, we may be able to introduce an overlay to top and seal surfaces. This is an extremely cost-effective option when compared to the old way of doing things, which was to rip out the entire floor and lay new concrete.

Decorative Concrete

Polished concrete services aren?t just for your buildings? interior spaces, as we can apply decorative solutions to your outdoor surfaces. Our colorful stains will add a new life to your concrete floor.

High Shine Surface Finish

The more polished your floors, the more character they have as the light strikes specific angles, creating dazzling designs.

Light-Sand Finish

This creamier, lower aggregate finish looks right at home in virtually any area while adding lots of charm. This is an incredibly popular and smart choice for any room in the building.

Low-Gloss Floors

Even when you don’t prefer a higher gloss of finish, your matte polished floors still perform well while looking attractive. A low-gloss doesn’t reflect as much light and is easy to maintain.

Medium-Gloss Surfaces

As we make your floors glossier, they begin to reflect more light. That makes your interior spaces appear brighter. A touch of brightness adds character to the room’s ambient lighting and is a happy medium between high-gloss and low-gloss.

Retail Polished Concrete

As a business owner, you must find a balance between beauty and safety. Polished concrete floors accomplish both every day. When it comes to the safety of your customers, Manhattan Epoxy Co. always delivers.

Salt & Pepper Finish

With a small amount of exposed aggregate, you can enjoy a speckled look that looks great in any room. This is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for decorative concrete finishes.

Stained Concrete

Using specialized stains and dyes, we create a wide range of colors, patterns, textures, and designs. When you work Manhattan Epoxy Co., you get the widest variety of decorative choices available on the market.

Hire the best Brooklyn polished concrete services with Manhattan Epoxy Co.

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