Epoxy Flake Floor New York City

Manhattan Epoxy Company offers epoxy flake flooring services to all areas of New York City including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and The Bronx. Due to the growing popularity of epoxy flake floors and their use in both exterior and interior areas, demand has risen in both commercial and residential applications alike.

Residential Epoxy Flake Floors

For example, an epoxy floor with decorative epoxy flakes is a great option for residential garages, as epoxy is easy to maintain. Due to its long life-cycle, multiple different style options, and low maintenance requirements, epoxy flakes and flooring have become a well-received choice for both homeowners and shop owners.

Commercial Epoxy Flake Floors

Epoxy flooring systems offer a seamless and hygienic flooring option for industries that require a high degree of cleanliness. Food and beverage environments, retail stores, hospitals, schools, childcare centers, and showrooms all utilize epoxy flooring systems due to its functionality and safety. For added character, epoxy flakes are added to the flooring system to deliver a unique and personalized style to your place of business.

Our epoxy flake floors are resistant to oil, grease, and other harsh chemicals that are commonly found in industrial environments, making our flooring systems ideal for warehouses, food production facilities, car dealerships, car parks, and workshops.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, safe solution for your place of business, epoxy flake floors are the best bet in the business.

Epoxy Floor Coating Process

There are a few easy steps in this process.

First, you’ll want to choose the type of epoxy flooring you want, as well as the color of the base and the epoxy flakes.

A key is provided on the existing or new concrete substrate by mechanically preparing the surface which enables a suitable bond for the epoxy. The epoxy coating (base color) is applied over the concrete surface, followed by a sprinkling of the selected decorative flakes to create a speckled floor finish. The epoxy flake floor is then protected with the application of a clear polyurethane sealer which aids in cleaning and maintenance.

The benefits of choosing an epoxy flake floor include its resistance to chemicals, foot-traffic, and oils; in addition to this, our hardwearing finish offers an option for anti-slip additives, as well as range of colors and textures. Our flooring systems are easy to maintain, clean enough to eat off of, and get the job done.

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